Launching Me Softly

So, sometime back in 2008 when I first embarked on a semi-serious enterprise of making and selling prints, I threw together a very bare-bones site called just so I could point people at something other than the lame-ass blog I was running at the time.

I was certain it would only be a couple months before I came back to it and made a more sincere effort at design.

And so, a mere two years later, here is that design.

Points of Interest

The Portfolio - One thing I wanted to do was expand the scope of the content here beyond things I happened to be selling. Now you can see all the illustration work I’ve been doing while I wasn’t redesigning this site, including my theatrical stuff and my ever-expanding line of beer labels. There is still a lot to add to this section, so check back.

The New Store - I have transferred all the transational duties for the site to a shiny new Big Cartel store. If you really wanted to do us both a favor, go buy something because I have yet to take an order from it and I don’t even know how it works as yet.

Expanded Blathering About Me - As well as information regarding shipping and any other FAQ type stuff as it may come up. If you have a question you think should be addressed there, you can ask it here.

Nerdy Stuff

One thing that slowed me down in getting this new design done was having to go back and learn a ton of HTML5 and CSS stuff that had happened while I was busy making all those prints and things. That means there’s a certain amount of coolness happening under the hood that I’m fairly pleased with. It also means that the very tiny number of who who might be using Internet Explorer are not seeing all the shiny you could be seeing. But everything should still work. If something seems severely broken do please let me know.

Anyway. Here it is. Ta dar. Enjoy if at all possible.