CephaLovePods For Everyone

I hope this is happy news for a lot of people. The CephaLovePod has been one of the most popular designs I've made, but up until now it had only been available in a couple smallish editions which did not last very long. But that has now been extremely corrected. Having leveraged the estimable printing skills of Dan MacAdam of Crosshair, I can now offer you the CephaLovePod Open Edition. This time he's going to be hanging around for a while, so don't be shy.

I wanted the new edition to be distinct from the previous ones and reworked the whole color mix, and had it printed on some snappy blue-green French paper. I'm really happy with how it turned out, but not as happy as you'll be when you get yours in the mail.

The Octophant is now Squarer, Spacier

It took some doing, but the constant barrage of Squarespace ads on the podcasts I listen to and the subliminal mind control messages contained therein have finally broken down my resistance and I have transferred The Octophant web site to Squarespace. What this probably means for you (assuming anyone is reading this) is more and better updating of all the things I am up to at any given time. Not only prints and posters for sale, but also the design work I do for my day job at Half Acre Beer Company. Among other things.

Speaking of other things, click on the image in this post for a better view of The Battle of Carmen, an illustration I recently did for 3 Floyds. Bonkers, right?