The Proprietor and his cat, Bear (right)

The Proprietor and his cat, Bear (right)

Some more information?

Hello and thank you for your curiosity. I’m Phineas. I’ve been working as a designer, illustrator, artist, and printmaker in Chicago for [more than] 20 years. If you like to drink beer in the city, you’ve probably seen something I drew. This may apply even if you live somewhere as exotic as Philadelphia!

But Have you ever been interviewed?

A few times, as it happens…

You Say You’d Like to work with me?

Well, this is some exciting news. What have you got going and how can I help? You can use the form below (or email me directly) to give me all the details. I can draw, paint, make labels & other packaging design, do branding and identity work, make original lettering/typography, do illustration and graphics for digital or print use in a surprising number of styles. I’ll design a tattoo for you if that’s what you’re into. If it’s pictures of stuff you’re after, I’m your guy.


For more information or to commission a project or if you just want to give me free Cubs tickets use this form.

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