Blogging About Blogging About Painting

Since I will have more need of this site in coming days (more on this later) and since Social Media insists on being a trash fire, I am thinking I will try to blog* some stuff here just like the olden days. Would you like to see some of my recent forays into figuring out how gouache painting works? My painting, at least since art school a million years ago, has been limited to watercolor. But I decided to try out some opaque media because I have some plans. These are just quick experiments and not intended to pass as β€œart” or anything of the sort.

Pretty happy with the Ikea Monkey one. Might do something more involved with that little hero later.

* I hate the word blog. I hated it when people started using it in the 90s. I hate it still. But no one came up with a better one yet, so, sorry.