Sacred Heart of William Tecumseh Sherman

Ok. I have been sitting on this one for a very long time. Months and months ago I was commissioned to do a new version of a very old screenprint of mine, but this time in watercolor form. It was intended as a surprise birthday present and so I haven’t been able to show it publicly so as not to ruin the surprise. But the official gifting was over this past weekend and now I can show you one of my favorite things I’ve made.

Sacred Heart of William Tecumseh Sherman

This is one of the larger and more ambitious paintings I’ve done. Like, top two? Maybe the most. And I’m not going to go into any kind of explanation of why the content of this image speaks so much to my feelings about the state of the world in 2019, but if you get it you get it. And now: process!

I also have to think now about making the companion piece to this, which is General Grant’s “Lick ‘em Tomorrow”. (I wish that phrase didn’t come off so weird in modern parlance…) I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I am happy to entertain further painting commissions. And I would be extremely remiss, if I didn’t point out that prints of this piece are available for sale immediately.

I know I haven’t posted in this specific space a lot this month, but please be assured I’ve been painting quite a bit…


I know not a ton of people are seeing this blog, blogs having gone entirely out of style in 2003 or so. (And also it’s not like I’m posting a ton.)


I do post a approximately a ton on my work Instagram account. So if you want to keep up with things as I’m doing for money as well as various larks and sidetracks, do please follow me there.

Goodbye Holiday Monsters

Well, I spent the too-quickly past holiday break largely out of the internet loop, but I wanted to share some holiday work I did earlier. Every year I tend to do some kind of Krampus drawing, because Krampus is the reason for the season. But he is also not the only Christmas Monster out there. So I also did my own (admittedly Krampus-esque) version of Iceland’s Grýla and her pet, The Yule Cat.


Grýla & The Yule Cat


So, there’s this podcast I really enjoy called The Omnibus, which recently did an episode on the life and work of the king of mall poster shops in the 1980s, Patrick Nagel. Through a series of events and as a consequence of having some time on my hands, I ended up doing a Nagel-style illustration of the two hosts, Ken Jennings and John Roderick. Now, this is admittedly an extremely silly thing to do, and I acknowledge that, but John plainly stated that “you can’t Nagel a beard” and something had to be done. It was a stupid, but thoroughly amusing exercise and I actually quite enjoy the result. And so…

Blogging About Blogging About Painting

Since I will have more need of this site in coming days (more on this later) and since Social Media insists on being a trash fire, I am thinking I will try to blog* some stuff here just like the olden days. Would you like to see some of my recent forays into figuring out how gouache painting works? My painting, at least since art school a million years ago, has been limited to watercolor. But I decided to try out some opaque media because I have some plans. These are just quick experiments and not intended to pass as “art” or anything of the sort.

Pretty happy with the Ikea Monkey one. Might do something more involved with that little hero later.

* I hate the word blog. I hated it when people started using it in the 90s. I hate it still. But no one came up with a better one yet, so, sorry.