Half Acre 2016 Cans


“If 3 Floyds beer labels are demon and monster-filled hellscapes, Half Acre are whimsical, animal-filled, adorable… hellscapes.” – Thrillist

I drew a beer label for Half Acre Beer Co. toward the end of 2009, which led to spending most of the next decade inventing Half Acre’s distinctive visual brand (and designing a few label/packaging designs for 3 Floyds) during a time of massive expansion and innovation in the craft beer industry. My designs are well known and have a place in the history of the craft beer scene in Chicago and further afield. This page contains just a sample from almost 10 years of work.

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“Phineas works from a blank canvas. That fact alone differentiates Half Acre from other breweries following templates and the usual boring conventions of beer labeling.” – Mash Tun Journal

“[…]the label designs are just as delicious as you'd expect the beer to be.” – Creative Bloq



Selected Labels & packaging

With commentary and bonus material

A lot of other labels

Since 2009 I’ve done somewhere north of 150 labels/graphics for different beers. It’s actually hard to count, but there’s been a lot.